About Us

E-Pick Me Up Inc. is a 100% Filipino owned company that started as a logistics company that cater for delivery of various goods in the Philippines however due to increasing demand of the riding public for a safe, reliable and comfortable rides the company decided to established a TNC that could offer an alternative for the riding public to choose other that the monopoly of a foreign owned TNC’s.

E-Pick Me Up Inc. is a newly established transport network company providing for prearranged rides for compensation using a digital platform that connects passengers with drivers using a personal vehicle. It was developed to significantly improve the way of today’s solution in commuters’ problem to transportation.

The riding public deserves a better service from the TNC that offer ride hailing services from the monopoly of a TNC that apparently focuses only on how to increase their income without any regard for the welfare of their passengers.

There must be an alternative in order to have a healthy competition in the TNC’s that offer similar services so that the people have an option to choose who can give them the better service. It is also a tool to improve the services that TNC’s has to offer and to level the playing field making this industry as dynamic and competitive that would benefit the passengers in general that is fully compliant with the existing laws and regulations of the Philippines.