Trust and Safety

 Trust and safety


Openness of payments
All the payments on the website are published by our staff including all possible taxes, fees and commissions. We have no hidden prices.

Openness of negotiations
You book our prescribed programs and communicate directly with our staff. Before paying you have open option to speak about the conditions of a program first. Our staff will send you a confirmation of the possibility of tour execution, and only then can you make the payments.

Usually our staff get your money only after your arrival at the starting place or on the fact of delivery of services, depending on the status of the partner. Thus, we insure you from the risks of program failure and any other default.

Payments Record
Our staff always keeps an internal record of your payments and transactions in your personal account. You are always aware of all the payments you have done.

We always protect the records of all payments you made. 3D-Secure technology are used in order to protect your payments by bank cards. It gives a high security of transactions related to the payments made on the website.

Use the purchasing password, which may be provided to you in order to provide an additional protection of funds, in your personal account. No one can use your funds even if your account is hacked by cyber-criminals. The purchasing password is stored, in an encrypted form, in our database, and you also need to remember it. We will ask for it whenever you make payments on the website.

Refund policy
We will return the money to your personal account or your bank account in case of refusal of a paid program. If you finance a lot on a raffle and its funds cannot be provided within the prescribed period, we will give a  refund of the amount you paid and transfer it to your personal account on the website.

Account confirmations
We always care about the involvement of real people. Therefore, we will ask for a confirmation of personal data from users, who become the winners of lots. To confirm his/her or her profile, a user should provide a scanned copy of his/her passport or any other document that would correctly identify him/her or her as a person, following the terms in our "Terms & Conditions."

Reviews of clients
Our staff wants to make sure that their reputations will remain clean and that people, who have never been their clients, will not spoil the good impression. You should have a confirmed profile and should return from some journeys in order to express your own experience and impression in publishing reviews. Moreover, travelers can be guided only by truthful information from the experienced tourists.

We are always ready to help. You can always contact us and ask questions.